Artwork Submission

Whether you have camera ready artwork in a digital file format, a hard copy printout, a logo on a business card or a sketch on a paper napkin. Mad Max can create beautiful embroidery designs in amazing detail.

The quality and accuracy of the final digitized embroidery design is dependent upon starting with clean, accurate camera-ready artwork. A well known saying in the industry is, "Garbage In, Garbage Out!" Mad Max can provide quick turn-around and accurately detailed embroidery designs when working with the appropriate form of artwork.

Design Services

However, the ability to provide digital graphic design services allows for a more lenient approach to artwork submission. Mad Max is fully digital and can modify or convert sub-standard artwork into a format that will produce great digitizing. Business cards, napkin sketches, and color copies of existing embroidery designs can all be modified digitally for embroidery digitizing purposes. Mad Max will work with you to produce the results you need!

Design Charges

Modifications to artwork and design services will result in increased turn-around times and design charges. A design fee of $40 per hour with a $20 minimum will be applied to any artwork that is not received in the appropriate format as described below.

Digital Artwork Files

Digital artwork files should be emailed along with a quote request or digitizing request form to Mad Max utilizes both Macintosh and PC platforms and can handle many common file types. The following vector based file formats are preferred: Adobe Illustrator.AI, generic.EPS, and Autocad.DXF. Also accepted are various bitmap file formats and should be sent full size at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Adobe Photoshop.PSD, Adobe Acrobat.PDF, Jpeg.JPG, .PCX, .BMP, MacintoshPict.PCT, Targa.TGA, and Tiff.TIF. When emailing, please be kind to the bandwidth and only send appropriate "email sized" files. (Approx. 3mb or less.)

Faxing of Artwork

It is common knowledge that artwork that is faxed will arrive distorted and fuzzy every time! However, if this is your preferred method of communication, Mad Max will do it's best to provide a design that preserves the original intent of the artwork. In order to get the best results and make sure all the fine details of the artwork are transmitted please fax the artwork at the largest size possible. Mad Max will than scale down the fax digitally to the artworks actual size for digitizing purposes.


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